46. Grenzland-Filmtage International Film Festival



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Discounted day tickets for the Grenzland-Filmtage Film Festival at the Rosenthal Theatre. When buying the day ticket, you can already specify the films you want (comment field appears during the purchase process) and then pick up the individual tickets on site at the box office.

Thursday: 3 screenings
Friday: 4 screenings
Saturday: 5 screenings
Sunday: 3 screenings

Dates and Venues

Dates and Venues

13.-16. April 2023
Cinema screenings at
Rosenthal-Theater Selb and at Musikschule Selb
Hohenberger Straße 9
95100 Selb

14. April 2023, at 8:00 pm
Film screening "Once Upon A Time in Germany" at
Jungbrunnen Selb
Martin-Luther-Platz 3
95100 Selb

14.-15. April 2023
Special film screening at
LaRitma at Aš
Za Radnicí 1
352 01 Aš (Czech Republic)

14.-16. April 2023
Eastern European films at
Kinos im Andreasstadel Regensburg
Andreasstraße 28
93059 Regensburg

Award ceremony

The best comes at the end - the traditional conclusion of our festival is the Filmtage Brunch at JAM - Jugend- & Kulturzentrum Selb, including the award ceremony. Which prizes are awarded during the Grenzland-Filmtage is explained on this page.

Audience awards

IIn cooperation with Rosenthal GmbH the annual audience awards are presented in the form of a high-quality porcelain vase. The winners in the categories feature film, documentary, short film and medium-length feature film are determined by the audience.

Jury film award "Eastern European Film"

For many years, the prize for the best Eastern European film has been awarded in the name of the city of Selb. A changing jury chooses the one that impresses you the most from a selection of films. This prize is donated by the city of Selb and comes with prize money of € 1.500.

Jury film award "Newcomer Film Award"

Thanks to a cooperation with the Sparkasse Hochfranken, the best works of young filmmakers are selected and the winning film is rewarded with prize money in the amount of € 500. This film award is also decided by a changing jury, which selects the most successful work by young filmmakers in their eyes.

ZuKi film award children's film

And finally, there is one prize that is always awarded first and foremost: The selection of the best children's film. To determine this, usually about 250 ZuKis (Zukunft Kinder e.V.), i.e. day nursery kids, storm the cinema on Thursday morning before the official opening and vote for the best children's short film.


In 2022, a new award will be presented for the first time, namely the Indie-Award for the best independent film in the program. The winner is selected by the Independent Filmakademie Fichtelgebirge and is endowed with a prize money of € 500, donated by the company PROBAU Massivhaus GmbH.

Award ceremony

This year's award ceremony will take place on Sunday, 16. April 2023, at 11 am at JAM - Jugend- & Kulturzentrum Selb.

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